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Chapter 7

In the process of creating Chapter Seven we were inspired by the lifestyle of nouveau riche, who lived in the East-Central Europe at the turn of 90/00s. The main status indicator of nouveau riche were such things as possessing a gold decorated house with a big swimming pool, sport coupé with a V12 engine and wearing an "italian leather jacket" bought on holidays in Hurghada. Worn of course with a side-stripe trackpants. Worship of speed was very strong at that time. Cars had to be extremely fast, music BPM had to be high. It was believed that a Motorola V3 or Siemens C35i was an absolute peak of development. This all has made it possible to distinguish nouveau riche from the mediocrity.

Photo shoots were taken in Sopot. The city which during the dusk of the previous millennium was associated with pageantry, extravagance and the lifestyle of the nouveau riche. At the time in Sopot many Western-European businessmen and sports stars could have been seen and along with them their expensive and eye-catching cars. All this worked like a magnet for the people, who strove to keep up with the standard of the western life and eventually influenced our choice of the place for our latest campaign. BMW E31 that can be seen in some of the photos was located on a plaza vis-a-vis the Grand Hotel, making it a peculiar relic of the lifestyle led by East-Central European nouveau riche. Session was complemented in places such as an old school GSM store, a post-communist apartment, which glares with its fake golden details, and the local solarium. Models represent the classical eastern pulchritude. Behind the camera lens stands the young and talented Jakub Owczarek, who despite the illness of eyes - inter alia nystagmus - takes photos which perfectly slot in the raw and sometimes absurd vibe of East-Central Europe freshly torn away from the claws of communism.