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About SS19

Moving on to the next chapter in our vivid story, we reached out to the times where most of us got our taste and palate shaped. Afflated by the core 00s culture, we strove for a vibe that would take you on a trip down the memory lane back to those carefree days. The year is 2004. You just came back from school, listening to the new Eminem’s “Encore” album wondering whether the new Need for Speed: Underground 2 is as good as the previous one. In the meantime you are updating your MySpace profile background music, nevertheless the choice is quite simple, as your MP3 music library consists mostly of bangers made by the likes of Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, Three 6 Mafia and the whole Ruff Ryders crew.

When it comes to clothing, your whole wardrobe revolves around button up t-shirts with flame print on both sides, hoodies with vintage, car-related graphics or aforementioned rappers and baggy polyamide track pants combined with numerous thrashed skate shoes. Not to mention flashy, iridescent sunglasses that perfectly complement every outfit. At least that’s what the girls at school told you. Although you still fall short of looking as good as your favourite rapper wearing dyed fur mixed with a giant bling Jesus piece it gives you that feeling of accomplishment and belonging to a bigger picture. However, most importantly little do you know, that you are still bound to be blessed by an upcoming hit streak of a not-known-at-the-time rapper called Soulja Boy Tell ’Em in the following years.

This short description depicts perfectly what we strove for while composing a general ambience of the collection. We are in deep belief that although it felt as if those years went by in split second, contrary to appearances they had the most impact on our mindsets. Insufficiency and longing was partly the reason, why we decided to dwell into that era one more time. Era, when MTV was still a music station, Paris Hilton made headlines doing almost anything and when seeing Nissan Skyline R34 in the “Fast and Furious” for the first time made you fell in love with cars for the rest of your life.
For this collection’s campaign, we delved into the world of mid 00’s tuner magazines. To complement the whole vibe of the collection, we went out on a series of photoshoots with tuned cars as if right out of Need for Speed Underground 2 and created a feigned magazine strongly corresponding visually with the works associated from the aforementioned times.

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