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Fall Winter 2020

FW20 COLLECTION „RESISTING THE INEVITABLE” “The world was all we needed. The Earth fed us and was our teacher. Yet, we remained greedy. They say it’s too late for pessimism. We must resist the greed to save her. How inevitable is inevitable?“ — Henri Hermetus
In our latest iteration, we try to predict the future condition of mankind as inhabitants of Planet Earth. We are questioning humanity’s attitude to nature by showing what can go wrong if we won’t wake our conscience. The collection is built around a futuristic vision of a dying world that we are trying to save at all costs. We tried to capture that vibe in our graphics and textures and combine it with contemporary urban fashion shapes we created.
XXI century was a stepping stone in growing ecological awareness, but the actions that we took never followed the knowledge we gained. The technology was the only thing that counted. Its destructive impact on the natural environment continued and overshadowed any hope for maintaining a balance between artificial and natural. The Great Solar Flare in 2055 caused uncountable catastrophes and started the age of cataclysms. Humans as a species become endangered. This led us to create a new race of shepherds called The Astral Keepers to lead our kind in the times of endangerment. Their purpose was to heal the Earth and help mankind survive, but the treacherous human nature created another species. In Brazil, in secret laboratories financed by unknown organizations, a race of deformed superhumans was created to serve for military purposes. After the series of natural disasters, the mutants escaped from the facility and gathered somewhere in the wastelands. They named themselves the Nostradamus Legion and joined together to take revenge on humanity for their despicable creation. Led by hatred and lust for blood, they gathered enough nuclear missiles from the abandoned military facilities to destroy the Earth. On their photon starships, they flew to the stratosphere and started counting seconds to world destruction. All of the Astral Keepers boarded their Starfleet and attacked the Legion. This was the greatest space battle in the history of mankind. The villains were better armed and almost won, but the shepherds managed to lure the enemy away from Earth and destroyed them in a suicidal detonation of their starships. After that, a great white light covered the Earth. This caused global amnesia. People could not remember the last few years of their existence. Disoriented, they have begun to rebuild the world and stabilize the political situation. Soon, a strange anomaly appeared near the place of The White Explosion in space. People called it The Silver Spill and blamed it for the Earth’s fatal fate…

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