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Hermetic Square is about channeling the elusive feelings of nostalgia with the modern vibe to it.
Approaching contemporary, yet romantic vision of styling gives us a platform to rediscover
the forgotten things and portray the aesthetic that is uniquely our own. Bringing back the
floating definitions of being either sporty, casual or smart, means there is no place for
coincidences. Every collection has a backstory that precisely puts it in the time frames we are
referring to, but is also juxtaposed with current trends. We try to ensure that everyone wearing our pieces feels easy yet particular about their look.

We are a brand focused on creating timeless, eclectic lifestyle and luxury menswear with an
emphasis on quality tailoring and simple yet powerful design. Driven by pietic attention to
details matched with constant development of the fabrics, we bring the garments and
accessories crafted with unsurpassed care. It is a place of no ordinary connection. The
connection of people who consciously shape their image, people that equate themselves with
our community and collective visions that we build. It’s a place which you can enter at any
time, but once you’re in - it’s hard to leave.